Donation System (BETA)

In order to keep the services offered by this website online, a monthly incoming of 7 euros is required.
This website used to be monetized on download links with to get the money required for monthly payments but a lot of people disliked this system.
Donation system is an alternative to leave the website COMPLETELY ads free thanks to donations by the users.

How it works

The website will be monetized with as always but ads can be removed by donating. When the goal will be reached, ads will be disabled on the entire website for a month.
If the goal is doubled (14 euros in 1 month), expiration date for the remotion will be extended.
At the moment the management is done manually so just wait a bit if the amount is reached with your donation to see the website changes.
When i have enough time i'll work on an automatized version of this system.

Status Monetization ON
Current donation status
5.6 / 7.00
Expiration Date25/09/19


You can donate by clicking this button. All the earnings will be used for the services payments (and improvements). If you don't want to appear in the Donators List, write it in the donation message on PayPal.
Only received money will be counted in the donation system, it means PayPal transaction fee will be discarded.

Donators List

I would say thanks to these donators and all the ones that decided to remain anonymous:

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